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Home Care Norfolk
Established 1993 Dementia Specialists

Personal Care in Norfolk

The way a person looks and feels is essential to their wellbeing and it is important that our staff respect individuality, identity and choice when providing this service.  We assist many service users with the following:

  • Help with getting up & going to bed
  • Moving in bed, including turning
  • Dressing, undressing & changing clothing
  • Washing
  • Bathing, showering & bed bathing
  • Hair care, shaving, oral hygiene and other types of personal hygiene
  • Assistance with eating/drinking
  • Assistance with continence management
  • Toileting needs
  • Emptying commodes
  • Assistance in the management of prescribed medication (including monitoring or reminding)
  • Assistance with prosthesis
  • Assistance with mobility within the home or transferring (e.g. bed to chair)
  • Eye drops

Elderly Care commonly requires a mixture of Personal and Social Care to help people to continue to lead active and engaged lives at home for as long as possible. 

We will assess an individual's particular needs and a tailored Care Plan will be compiled to cover any and all aspects of care required. It will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains up to date.

To discuss any individual personal care needs, please contact our friendly team.

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