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Home Care Norfolk
Established 1993 Dementia Specialists

Private Home Care

We can provide care to you at home on a private basis.  We will invoice you every 4 weeks in arrears of the service provided.  The simplest way to pay for this care is through our Direct Debit system.

Listed below are our current Private Service Charges:

£17.98 per hour
£14.38 per ¾ hour visit
£10.79 per ½ hour visit
£7.19 per ¼ hour visit
Night Awake = £19.88 per hour
Night Sleep = £17.98 per hour

*Please note there are no additional charges for travel time and no enhanced charges for providing weekend or Bank Holiday visits.


 Can I Get Financial Help?

You may be entitled to financial support to pay for or towards your care.  Everyone has the right to an assessment of their care needs.  By contacting Norfolk County Council you can arrange this assessment which will be means tested against your financial circumstances.

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