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Night Care in Norfolk

Certain conditions require round the clock monitoring, including at night, and we understand the sense of vulnerability that this can bring.

We recognise the importance of assurance that someone will remain awake to provide the night care required.

Our expertly trained night care staff provide a domiciliary (in-home) sitting service and remain awake and alert to observe the service user and provide assistance during the specified period of the night, wherever required.

Night care usually involves more elements of Personal Care such as assistance with:

  • Bathroom visits
  • Getting into and out of bed 
  • Prescribed medications
  • Dressing or undressing

But can also simply be a case of providing company or reassurance if the service user has difficulty in sleeping and will vary from person to person.

Our tailored Care Plans assess an individual’s particular needs and are reviewed and updated periodically to ensure that the best possible day and night care is being provided.

Contact our team to discuss any aspects of Night Care in Norwich, Kings Lynn, Hunstanton or the wider Norfolk area, that you may require.


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