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Established 1993 Dementia Specialists

Dementia Home Care Services in Norfolk

Dementia is a damaging and difficult disease that directly effects 24 million people worldwide. Our expert staff are trained to help deal with dementia and the substantial life changes it can bring.

1 in 5 people over the age of 80 will have a type of Dementia, and our experienced and qualified staff deliver some of the best home-based Dementia care services in Norfolk.

We know how devastating the effects of Dementia can be, both to the patient and to their family. At Extra Hands, we understand this more than ever in a world where if no cure is found by 2050, there will be 82 million people suffering with the disease.

Seeing a loved one suffering with Dementia is a scary and difficult situation, and that's why we care so much about dealing with not only the effects of Dementia itself, but the symptoms it can bring.

Our approach with Dementia care is a little different - our expert staff provide a home care service and become a friendly support by helping with aspects of social care to enable the sufferer to continue to explore their hobbies and interests for as long as possible. Additionally, we provide a variety of activities to stimulate and enrich their life, rather than focusing on their Dementia.

In our experience, this approach has been incredibly rewarding and beneficial to the suffererer and their family.

Facts about Dementia

  • 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will die with a type of Dementia or a Dementia related illness.
  • Two thirds of care homes are homes to people with Dementia.
  • A quarter of hospital beds are taken up with people with Dementia.
  • 6% of people 65 and 69 have Dementia at death.
  • 58% over 95 have Dementia at death.
  • The UK spends 17 billion a year on Dementia.
  • There are over 200 health conditions leading to permanent Dementia.
  • Alzheimers Disease is the most common cause of Dementia.

The Dementia Home Care Services We Offer

We believe that quality and one on one support to deal with Dementia is a vital need for anyone suffering with the disease. Our Care Plans are specifically tailored to match the problems faced by Dementia patients.

Advanced training ensures that our staff pick up on the hidden issues related to Dementia so that they can offer the best possible support . For someone suffering with Dementia, their home environment can massively influence the speed of which Dementia affects them and our staff are able to identify problems to ensure an easier and happier environment.

Even seemingly minor details, such as clothing and small changes to routine can unsettle sufferers and our staff are trained and able to deal with the confusion and associated anger, which can often follow. 

Our home care support staff are able offer a helping hand, as well as a friend to their patients. Activities such as swimming, chatting, gardening and shopping are regular events and find these times spent with patients a vital resource for not only enriching the patients' lives, but revisiting past times to keep their mind fresh and aware. 

As time progresses, a degree of Personal Care may be required and the Care Plan will be reviewed and updated in accordance with need.

As a loved one trying to deal with issues the condition can bring, our first class Dementia Care Services in Norfolk can help relieve the stress and worrying and get to the core of the issues to help make an easier and happier life for as long as possible for all concerned.

Contact our friendly team to find out more about what we can do to help deal with the effects of Dementia in your loved-one.

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